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Pike Place chowder: Chowda lovas rejoice!

Finally, I’ve found seafood chowder heaven. All the types of chowders/bisques chowder-addicts could ever want! This little diner style shop is located in a cozy little alley called post alley in Seattle downtown/Pike Place. This place is usually packed with tourists and locals and gets extremely busy during lunch time. I tried a cup size of their regular clam chowder and a large bowl of their pike place market chowder which comes with local fresh seafood ingredients like salmon, mussels, and clams. Continue reading

Food, Seattle

McDonald’s Angus mushroom swiss third pounder: To die for

This burger is only being sold in some parts of the states and it is literally heart disease/cholesterol/liver failure all wrapped up in a bun. But, it’s irresistible! A third pound of Angus meat, mushrooms, and 2 slices of swiss cheese is to die for! This burger has 770 calories, 135 g of fat and 1170 mg of sodium.

Is it worth it? Yes!

Afternoon tea, Food, Vancouver

Faubourg paris – Lives up to expectations

Walking into Faubourg was like walking into a modern Parisian cafe. I had made a reservation for afternoon tea but was taken aback at how cramped and crowded it was when I first entered. Then, I realized they had a small dining room in the back for afternoon tea only. The dining room area was more spacious and elegantly decorated than the main cafe.

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Food, Vancouver


If you’re from Vancouver, you most likely would have heard all the hype over Chambar. Does it live up to it? Yes!

  • There is an extensive list of European beers
  • Their cocktails are all creative and delicious
  • Their foie gras was the best I’ve had in Vancouver: icey cold and melted in my mouth! I appreciated that they used a thick toast instead of a regular thin slice.
  • Their moules were very flavorful (a little too much compared to authentic Belgian/Parisian style) but still delicious

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Food, Hong Kong

Yo Mama Frozen Yogurt – Hong Kong’s best

Dear YO MAMA, if you are reading this, please open your shop in Vancouver, Canada.

This frozen yogurt joint is a large chain in Hong Kong located at malls like IFC and Tai Koo.

You know how frozen yogurt is usually pretty bland and sour? Well frozen yogurt from Yo Mama doesn’t make you feel like you’re on a diet.¬† Their frozen yogurt is really smooth and tastes a little less sour than the usual. Their Mochi topping is my favourite! It tastes really soft and fresh (unlike the disgusting hard rubbery crap they call mochi in America).

Very floeylicious!

Ate at YO MAMA on Dec/29/2011

Food, Tokyo

JAL in flight meal

So this was the meal I received on my flight from Japan to Hong Kong via JAL(business).

They presented 3 courses all on one tray: foie gras, scallops and duck breast appetizer, salad, fish, and pumpkin pudding. They had a heated plate under my entree to keep it warm which I appreciated. Afterwards you could choose between a chocolate or vanilla Hagendaz. The only part of my meal I really enjoyed was the appetizer. As a tiny asian girl from Canada, I have to say that the portions are a little small. On Cathay Pacific, they really fed us well and presented each course separately on plates.

All in all, it was mediocre.