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Acme Cafe

Located  along the boarder of West and East hastings (between Gastown and China town), Acme Cafe is an American style diner that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The restaurant is very casual with booths, counters and bar stool seating. It looks like a place you would bring a foreign friend visiting America for the first time. Think a more neutral-coloured Dennys.

I liked the food but I thought the prices were a little high. For lunch, I ordered the shrimp melt and shared a side and paid $18.00 (tax & tip included).

What I ordered:

Shrimp Melt 5/5

  • Shrimps, roasted peppers, and onions open faced and topped with Jack cheese. The ciabatta was soft and went perfectly with the melted cheese and the soft texture of the shrimps. If you like grilled cheese sandwiches, you would like this. All of their sandwiches come with a side of chips, coleslaw and a pickle.

Mac n cheese on the side 3/5

  • The cheese wasn’t as thick and creamy as I would have liked. The texture is more soft than chewy and stringy.

Service 3/5

  • Servers were polite but not especially attentive. It took me a while to get their attention so I could ask for the bill.

Verdict: I would go back but on occasion to try their sandwiches. If you’re looking for a casual place and a simple menu, this is the place to go.
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0755 Restaurant and Lounge

Located in the heart of Richmond, BC (I say heart because it is located in “downtown” of Richmond), 0755 is a restaurant and lounge serving chinese fusion tapas in an upscale environment with down to earth prices. Think Global Group atmosphere but White spot prices.

Seeing as though their prices are decent, the food was on par. Nothing exceptional but I could tell the emphasis of 0755 was on their well mixed cocktails by professional bar tenders and wine service. I say this because the tables barely fit all the food we ordered and the table ware was badly designed. We had to put some of the table ware on a chair to fit the large plates. Also, one of the waiters spilled the Soft Shell Crab I ordered all over the table because the plate had no edges to keep it from sliding off. However, their Mojito was one of the best I’ve had and they constantly came to refill our wine.

Food, Vancouver

Meat & Bread

Located in the hipster part of town (aka. Gastown), Meat & Bread simply serves freshly cut meat sandwiches and sides. They might as well have called it Breat or Mread or Meatwich.

Meat & Bread gives you the efficiency of a cafeteria but the food standards of a bistro. Once you walk in, you make your order and line up to pay while your order is handed to you on a wooden meat board.

Their menu consists of the Procetta and Meatball sandwich along with a special feature each day (as well as soup, salad and Bacon maple syrup ice cream sandwich).

What I ordered:

Porcetta 3/5

  • Even though the Procetta is a favourite among many, I found it to be too dry because the bread itself is quite hard. I would have loved the porcetta by itself because it was moist and had a crispy skin but still not the best combination with the bread.

Meatball 4/5

  • There are about 3 giant meatballs drenched in Grana Padano and Sambal sauce. The meatballs are juicy and the sauce is amazing but I found it to be a little too salty and too heavy for lunch. I would suggest sharing this one.

Beef & veggie special 4/5

  • This was my favourite out of the three. The braised beef was perfect texture and the veggies and sweetness of the sauce gave it that extra something that was missing in the porchetta and meatball. I didn’t give this 5/5 because I still think the bread could be a little softer but that’s just my preference.

Service 3/5

  • This is a self-service joint so you shouldn’t expect people to be pouring you water or bringing drinks to your table. However, the people there are usually friendly.

Consistency of food standards 5/5

Verdict: If you want a fresh sandwich and quick service, this is the place to go. I will definitely be going back to try more of their daily specials.
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I finally found the occasion to have dinner at Bishops. After hearing so many compliments on their organic menu prepared seasonally with local ingredients, my hopes were high. I was also told that their service is world class and that the chef would make his rounds and even chat with the customers.

Everything from the linens, cutlery to the ambiance was simple, casual and unpretentious. Their walls were decorated with local canadian artwork. I had the pleasure of sitting under one of these artworks: A native mask with blonde hair that was long enough to touch my table. Continue reading

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Suika – One of my favourites!

Japanese Izakya/Lounge/Restaurant. The best of all the worlds. I’ve been here at least 30 times since it opened two years ago. Make sure to make a reservation!

Must trys:

Oxtail Ramen – best ramen noodles in Vancouver

AAA tenderloin seared on a hot pan – Excellent price for the quality and size

Corn Karrage – think french fries but corn

Negitoro Battera – Negitoro pressed sushi

Frozen Creme Brulee – it’s like half ice cream half creme brulee


… to be continued.

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