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I finally found the occasion to have dinner at Bishops. After hearing so many compliments on their organic menu prepared seasonally with local ingredients, my hopes were high. I was also told that their service is world class and that the chef would make his rounds and even chat with the customers.

Everything from the linens, cutlery to the ambiance was simple, casual and unpretentious. Their walls were decorated with local canadian artwork. I had the pleasure of sitting under one of these artworks: A native mask with blonde hair that was long enough to touch my table. Continue reading

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Suika – One of my favourites!

Japanese Izakya/Lounge/Restaurant. The best of all the worlds. I’ve been here at least 30 times since it opened two years ago. Make sure to make a reservation!

Must trys:

Oxtail Ramen – best ramen noodles in Vancouver

AAA tenderloin seared on a hot pan – Excellent price for the quality and size

Corn Karrage – think french fries but corn

Negitoro Battera – Negitoro pressed sushi

Frozen Creme Brulee – it’s like half ice cream half creme brulee


… to be continued.

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Cafe Medina

After hearing months and months of hype over brunch at Cafe Medina, I finally woke up early enough to eat there. I’ve been to and loved Chambar so I had high expectations for their sister restaurant. As usual, there was a line up of people outside waiting for a table. I got there at 1:30 pm and waited half and hour for a table for two. It’s nice that you can order coffee and lattes to-go while you wait in the cold. I have to say that it did not live up to my high expectations.

What I ordered:

Tagine $14 ’2 poached eggs, spicy tomato stew, merguez sausage, sundried black olives, and cilantro. Grilled foccaccia.’ – 2.5/5

  • The spicy tomato stew was very rich and overwhelmed the poached eggs and sausages. The sausage was too salty in the stew. Common, it’s not dinner, it’s brunch!

Belgian waffles with white chocolate pistachio rose water topping – 5/5

  • The waffles were warm and fluffy and had a good texture. The white chocolate pistachio rose water topping/syrup was lovely. It had just the right amount of sweetness and was the perfect ending to the meal.

Lavender Latte – 4/5

  • I’m not an avid coffee drinker but i really enjoyed the lavender flavoured latte. I am an avid tea drinking so this was perfect for me.

Service – 2/5

After waiting for half an hour and finally being seated, we waited almost as long to get our order in and for the food to arrive. They should be used to the high volume of people by now so I don’t think there are any excuses for being so inattentive; Especially for the prices we pay.

Verdict: A little pricey for what you get. Would I wait half an hour in line again? Probably not.


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Having been to Tokyo twice, eating at Tenhachi brought back feelings of nostalgia. Located in the back of an old Shaughnessy Motel/Hotel, Tenhachi serves Japanese diner food that actually went well with the old run-down motel atmosphere. When I first walked through the lobby doors, there was a distinct 20 year old cigarette smoke smell that felt like it has been there forever. To be honest, my expectations were low but I was delighted to find authentic and nicely presented Japanese diner dishes.

What I ordered:

Sea urchin (uni) rice bowl that came with a salad and organic miso soup – 4/5

  • They had an uni special the day I was there so I couldn’t pass up on the offer! They gave a good portion of sea urchin but the quality was not as good as I expected (my expectations are high for sea urchin). It tasted like the regular grade sea urchin you can get from Steveston/Yoahan Osaka Super market and it tasted fine but it wasn’t as sweet and fresh as I wanted it to be. On a happier note, the miso soup was so good and fresh tasting and so was the salad!

Pork curry rice dish that came with pickled vegetable side dishes and organic miso soup – N/A

  • I had the pickled vegetables (tiny onions) my friend didn’t want and I loved them! Didn’t get a chance to try the curry though.

Service – 4/5

  • I think there was only one waitress for the entire place but it was quiet so I wouldn’t complain. It did take them a while to come and take our order because of the lack of staffing but I was understanding. They gave us complimentary Sea urchin tofu samples as we waited so I was quiet pleased.

Verdict: I would definitely go back to try the rice and fish diner sets or their breakfast sets.

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Avenue Grill for Brunch

I was craving eggs benedict so I decided to have brunch with a girlfriend in the vicinity which happened to be Kerrisdale. Avenue grill is a small little bistro-like restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s been in Kerrisdale for as long as I can remember…. I’ve been there a couple times for lunch and dinner but I never knew what kind of restaurant it was. They serve a lot of italian dishes mixed with some seafood/westcoast style plates as well.

What I ordered:

The shrimp & avocado eggs benny served with home fries 2.5/5

  • The poached eggs were well made, the english muffin was a little too hard and over-toasted. Instead of hash browns, they served “home fries” which were small sliced up pieces of potato that were pan fried. I did not understand the concept of the “home fries”….

Mimosa 3/5

  • Not the best and certainly not worth the price of $7.00

Service 4.5/5

Our waitress was attentive and friendly


Verdict: I would NOT go back for brunch but maybe for lunch or dinner. The bill came out to be about $35 for two people at brunch. So. Overpriced.



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Wine, cheese & meats

Here are some pictures of the cheese and meats I had tonight. The most popular and hounded after cheese was definitely the baked brie with chilli sauce. It’s so easy to make and becomes a cheese fondue everyone can dip bread and crackers into! Ah-mazing! Also, the blueberry lavender jam was heavenly when added onto the soft goat cheese and crackers!

We decided to make name cards with nicknames for the different cheese and meats everyone brought hence the “long and strong” italian sauasge haha.