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Pike Place chowder: Chowda lovas rejoice!

Finally, I’ve found seafood chowder heaven. All the types of chowders/bisques chowder-addicts could ever want! This little diner style shop is located in a cozy little alley called post alley in Seattle downtown/Pike Place. This place is usually packed with tourists and locals and gets extremely busy during lunch time. I tried a cup size of their regular clam chowder and a large bowl of their pike place market chowder which comes with local fresh seafood ingredients like salmon, mussels, and clams. What makes this place so great are that the clams they use aren’t small little wimpy clams like the ones most restaurants/can chowders serve. They use a type of chopped up surf clam that has a better texture (less chewy). I loved the fact that they clean their seafood well because i didn’t end up with bits of sand in my mouth. I thought the market place chowder was too salty probably because of the salmon they used. I love that they have the 4 cup sampler and the bread bowls!

Ate at Pike Place Chowder on Feb/20/2011

Pike Place Chowder on Urbanspoon


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