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Japonessa: Sushi Cocina

Japonessa is a Japanese Spanish fusion restaurant. I found it while looking for a place to eat on a Saturday night in Seattle. The decor was modern with mirrors and frames and chandeliers. I have to admit the idea is pretty original and I was intrigued. The place was packed and I had to wait about 30 minutes for a table.

Their menu consists of half regular Japanese nigiri sushis/sashimis/appetizers and the other half was an extensive list of Spanish styled rolls. Basically, everyone at the tables would order their own roll as an entree and share appetizers or have the miso soup. Their sashimi/sushis were fresh but nothing special.

I ordered their Alaskan Sea Urchin Sushi which was on special that night but honestly, it tasted like any other sea urchin. I liked that their oyster shooter (4/5) came with a quail egg but putting it in the small wine glass instead of an actual shooter glass made it really hard to swallow at once! It’s an oyster SHOOTER, not an oyster DRINK. Lastly, I ordered the Tarantula Roll (2.5/5) with soft shell crab, crab meat, salmon and avocado and it wasn’t that great. But then again, they have 15 other rolls to choose from.

Verdict:Japonessa has an interesting concept but I think people go their for the ambiance more than the food. Vancouver definitely has better sushi.

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