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Kingfish cafe

Kingfish Cafe: the most authentic southern style food on the West Coast. Started by two sisters who wanted to bring their grandmother’s southern cooking to Seattle, Kingfish really stands out. From their local neighbourhood location in Capitol Hill, menu, friendly customer service to the decor, Kingfish makes you feel like you’ve been transported to a home in Alabama.

Unfortunately, It was a dinner for two that night and so I wasn’t able to order more than 1 entree and 2 appetizers because of the extremely large portions. I couldn’t even order their famous strawberry shortcake dessert.

What I ordered:

  • My way or the highway buttermilk fried chicken 3.5/5
    • I was a little disappointed because I expected the “buttermilk” friend chicken to be extremely soft and buttery. It was a little dry but I could tell it was freshly fried.
  • Down home mac n’ cheese 4/5
    • This is one of the richest Mac n cheese dishes I have ever tasted, they use two kinds of white cheese and has a creamy texture rather than a pizza-like chewy and stringy texture.
  • Sho’nuff fried green tomatoes 5/5
    • This was my favourite dish of the night. Texture was just right and it was a great appetizer to start with


  • Ambiance 3.5/5
    • Love the quaint and homely decor but it was a little too dim for my liking
  • Service 5/5
    • Attentive, friendly and personal staff! One of the staff even remembered us and greeted us as we were down the block walking to the car.

Verdict: I will definitely go back so I can try more dishes!


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Food, Seattle

Specialty’s Cafe and Bakery: Comfort food’s finest

This chain cafe/bakery in America called Specialty’s is my favourite place to go to for soups/sandwiches/cookies. They have amazing chocolate chip cookies freshly baked throughout the day. Make sure you get them warm or else wait for the next batch! This place has high quality comfort foods and it never disappoints. Their staff is usually friendly so if you are ever in doubt of which soup to order, ask for a sample! Continue reading

Food, Seattle

Cheesecake Factory: Always a flo pleaser

When I don’t know where to eat in Seattle/States, I always turn to Cheesecake Factory. There’s no doubt that there will be dependable dishes and drinks. Their Factory Peach Bellini was the best Bellini I’ve ever had: perfectly blended ice with champagne and peach liqueur that doesn’t taste like sweet icy syrup. All their smoothies are amazing! The Cheesecake factory is like the man you want to settle down with: a little typical but dependable, reliable, and looks great on the inside and out! Continue reading

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Japonessa: Sushi Cocina

Japonessa is a Japanese Spanish fusion restaurant. I found it while looking for a place to eat on a Saturday night in Seattle. The decor was modern with mirrors and frames and chandeliers. I have to admit the idea is pretty original and I was intrigued. The place was packed and I had to wait about 30 minutes for a table.

Continue reading

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Pike Place chowder: Chowda lovas rejoice!

Finally, I’ve found seafood chowder heaven. All the types of chowders/bisques chowder-addicts could ever want! This little diner style shop is located in a cozy little alley called post alley in Seattle downtown/Pike Place. This place is usually packed with tourists and locals and gets extremely busy during lunch time. I tried a cup size of their regular clam chowder and a large bowl of their pike place market chowder which comes with local fresh seafood ingredients like salmon, mussels, and clams. Continue reading

Food, Seattle

McDonald’s Angus mushroom swiss third pounder: To die for

This burger is only being sold in some parts of the states and it is literally heart disease/cholesterol/liver failure all wrapped up in a bun. But, it’s irresistible! A third pound of Angus meat, mushrooms, and 2 slices of swiss cheese is to die for! This burger has 770 calories, 135 g of fat and 1170 mg of sodium.

Is it worth it? Yes!